Management & Consulting

In today’s times when a lot of industries are continually exposed to external as well as internal risks, it has become extremely important for businesses to leverage technology in order to achieve a superlative business performance.
XLBiz management consultancy services are now combined to help enable a 360° view of challenges faced by our clients, which helps in achieving sustainable efficiency improvement on operations.
A myopic vision is detrimental to the organization’s success in the long term. Our subject matter specialists can offer valuable insights and various alternatives that help our clients maintain the competitive edge in the longer term as well.

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Health and Safety Training

Help Employees Work Safer and Smarter to Provide Quality Patient Care
Our safety training solutions integrate award-winning learning technologies and compelling course content to increase health, safety awareness and safe behaviors. Help reduce incidents, stay in compliance and transform your safety culture. From driver safety training to XLBiz Sustainable Solutions has the tools to help protect your employees from injury and illness and your organization from the high costs of noncompliance.
As a leading provider of health and Safety compliance training, our goal is to help you protect the safety and health of your staff, develop employees' knowledge,

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Program Topics - MS Power Point

1) Power Point Overview
Overview of MS word in terms of Screen layout, Menus, The Ribbon, Quick Access Toolbar etc.

2) Creating a Presentation
You can start a new presentation from a blank slide, a template, existing presentations, or a Word outline. Experience the steps to do this.

3) Formatting Presentation
How to make your presentation look effective. Working on fonts, styles, effects, Word art, Alignment, Text direction etc will help you master in formatting presentations as per your need.

4) Simple Presentation
Making presentations starts with creating a simple presentation then taking it to the next level. Creating general presentation by using templates etc. These presentations are system built and easy to use and create.

5) Custom Presentation
Do you want to apply worldwide accepted formats or if you have very less time to format presentations then creating own style presentation by adding logos, pictures, formats etc.

6) Adding Graphics
A picture is worth a thousand words. It applies to making presentations as well. Adding pictures, Clip Art, Shapes, Smart Art, Photo album etc. These graphics can be animated.

7) Adding Tables
Creating tables, modifying structure, Inserting Table from Word or Excel to prevent the rework. Tables can be modified and used in a colorful manner.

8) Adding Animation
Slide effects, Slide Transitions, Slide Animations, Animation Preview, Setting up slide show etc. These animation effects will make your presentation look professional.

9) Adding Charts
Creating chart, editing chart, Chart tools etc. Copying charts from Word and Excel etc. Graphics adds lot of value to your presentation.

10) Adding Notes
As a speaker you can add notes to presentation so you could refer to those notes while presentation. They help you keep track of the presentation. You can put important notes in the presentation which are visible to you not to the participants.

11) Printing Tips & Slide Sorter
You might need to include some notes so you could forget while presenting yourself. Creating speaker notes, Handouts etc will help you do this. Slide sorter helps you manage and sort slides.