Management & Consulting

In today’s times when a lot of industries are continually exposed to external as well as internal risks, it has become extremely important for businesses to leverage technology in order to achieve a superlative business performance.
XLBiz management consultancy services are now combined to help enable a 360° view of challenges faced by our clients, which helps in achieving sustainable efficiency improvement on operations.
A myopic vision is detrimental to the organization’s success in the long term. Our subject matter specialists can offer valuable insights and various alternatives that help our clients maintain the competitive edge in the longer term as well.

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Health and Safety Training

Help Employees Work Safer and Smarter to Provide Quality Patient Care
Our safety training solutions integrate award-winning learning technologies and compelling course content to increase health, safety awareness and safe behaviors. Help reduce incidents, stay in compliance and transform your safety culture. From driver safety training to XLBiz Sustainable Solutions has the tools to help protect your employees from injury and illness and your organization from the high costs of noncompliance.
As a leading provider of health and Safety compliance training, our goal is to help you protect the safety and health of your staff, develop employees' knowledge,

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Program Topics - Macros Programming

1) Create & Record a Macro:
Learn to create and record a Macro as a first step towards learning Macros programming.

2) Macro Security:
Setting up your macro security settings correctly is essential to protect yourself against potential viruses.

3) Visual Basic Editor:
Learn how to launch the Visual Basic Editor and get the best configuration of the Project Explorer and the Code Window in your Excel Version.

4) Macro Comments:
Add macro comments to your Excel VBA code and your code will be easier to read as program size increases.

5) Macro Errors:
Dealing with VBA-errors can be quite a challenge. This chapter provides you with a simple tip to deal with these errors.

6) Debug Macros:
Before you execute your VBA-code you can first debug your macro. This way most of the errors can be corrected before you execute your code.

7) Objects, Properties and Methods:
In this chapter you will learn more about Excel VBA objects.

8) Workbook and Worksheet:
In this chapter you will learn more about the Excel VBA Workbook and Excel VBA Worksheet object.

9) Application Object:
The mother of all objects is Excel itself. We call it the Application object.

10) Variables:
Excel VBA uses variables just like any other programming language.

11) String Manipulation:
There are many functions in Excel VBA we can use to manipulate strings.

12) Calculate:
Calculate with Excel VBA and add, subtract, multiply and divide values just like you want.

13) If Then Statement:
In many situations you only want Excel VBA to execute certain code lines for a specific condition is met.

14) Cells:
Instead of the more common Range object we could also use Cells. Using Cells is particularly useful when we want to loop through ranges.

15) Loop:
Looping is one of the most powerful programming techniques.

16) Logical Operators:
Do you want to execute code in Excel Visual Basic when more conditions are met? Or just one? Or none?

17) Range & Events :
The Range object which is the representation of a cell (or cells) on your

18) Array:
An Excel VBA array is a group of variables.

19) Function and Sub:
The difference between a function and a sub in Excel VBA is that a function can return a value and a sub cannot.

20) Textbox, List Box, Combobox, Checkbox, Msgbox